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Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex addresses compromised, fragile or maturing skin by restoring crucial hydration, fortifying the epidermis and stimulating collagen production for increased firmness.

Size: 1oz

Restore skin’s strength and vitality with Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex. plant stem cells protect and nurture healthy skin cells, making it an ideal addition to any regimen.edelweiss plant stem cells provide the skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection while supporting the repair process of the skin.  while this serum works to immediately lift and plump fine lines and wrinkles it also works to reduces lines and wrinkles by up to 15% for every 20 days of use. An ideal addition to any regimen, Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex is a hydrating, healing and age fighting powerhouse.

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Essential Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex

  • Best for: Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex is appropriate for all types of skin, particularly skin that needs rebuilding. enhance collagen and elastin fibers to plump fine lines, diminish the appearance of pore size and post-acne scarring.


    Directions: Apply one pump of serum to clean skin, wait a few moments for maximum penetration and effect prior to applying additional products.


    Ingredients: water (aqua)lecithindipalmitoyl hydroxyprolinetall oil sterollinoleic acidtocopherolsodium ascorbatemannitolbutylene glycolcentella asiatica extractechinacea purpurea extractpanthenoldecarboxycarsonine hclglycerinmethylglucoside phosphatecopper lysinate/prolinateferulic acidleontopodiumalpinum meristem cell culturexanthan gumyeast polysaccharidesphenoxyethanolcaprylyl glycolethylhexylglycerinhexylene glycololea europaea (olive) leaf extractglycosaminoglycansaloe barbadensis leaf juice powderarabidopsis thaliana extractplankton extractcarbomertriethanolamineallantoindisodium edta